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Data Controller


                             Certificate of Registration


​                               Renewal of registration should be                             effected at latest 1 month before the expiry                                    of the annual date of registration.​


Data controller Employee, Non-Employee Application for Registration or Renewal of Registration

How to register or renew your registration?

You may download (word version) (pdf version) our application form, fill and submit it with the applicable fee to:
The Data Protection Commissioner,  
Data Protection Office,
5th Floor,
SICOM Tower,
Wall Street,


Republic of Mauritius.


The bracketed field ‘Surname’ found at sections 1 and 2 are not mandatory as per law but the information is required for administrative purpose.  




1. It is important that you read “Registration Classification and Guidance Notes for Application” before completing this form.

2. Use this form if you are a data controller who is required to be registered under the Data Protection Act.

3. Please read PART VII of the Act on “Exemptions” before filling this form.

4. Please complete this form in BLOCK CAPITALS.

5. Failure to register or renew registration is an offence under the Data Protection Act.

6. Knowingly supplying false information is an offence under the Data Protection Act.

It is also an offence to knowingly

(a) keep personal data not specified on your applications,

(b) keep or use personal data for any purpose, or disclose personal data to any person or body, not described in those applications or

(c) transfer personal data to a country or territory not named under item 7 above.

8. Where you change your address, you must notify the Commissioner within 15 days of the change of address.

9. The information provided by you in this application will be kept in a register by the Data Protection Commissioner, in accordance with section 36 of the Data Protection Act, and will comprise the public register which may be inspected by members of the public at any time. No other disclosure of the information will be made.

For first time registration:
  • ​ Please bring along a copy of your certificate of incorporation/certificate of posting/and/or business card pertaining to the Company/partnership/ societe/sole trader and
  • A letter addressed to the Data Protection Commissioner confirming the exact dates the organisation started keeping data for the first employee and non-employee or both.
​​​​​​​​​​ ​​