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Data Protection Office

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Registration/Renewal of Controllers/Processors

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The following templates have been issued by the Data Protection Office for guidance purpose only and are subject to any update/s in the future, if required. A controller can also adapt the suggested contents to meet its requirements.​


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Mission and Vision

Safeguarding the processing of your personal data in the present age of Information and Communication.​​


  • A society where data protection is understood and practiced by all. 

  • The right to privacy and data protection is primordial to the sanctity of any modern democracy. 

  • The right to clear procedures for the collection and use of personal data in a responsible secure, fair and lawful manner by all data controllers and data processor. 

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Privacy note

We will not disclose your identity or your e-mail address to any third parties, and we will only use your personal details for the purpose of dealing with your comment or query. We will not associate any technical data associated with your visit to this website with your personal details​.


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Conference on 'Data Protection Today - Breaking the Iceberg'

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Data Protection Training Toolkit
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Eleventh Annual Report - January to December 2019

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