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The Functions of the Commissioner​

The Commissioner shall –​
(a) ensure compliance with this Act and any regulations made under it; ​​
​​(b) issue or approve such Codes of Practice or Guidelines for the purposes o​f this Act as he thinks fit; 
(c) maintain a register of controllers and processors; ​
(d) exercise control on all data processing operations, either of his own motion or at the request of a data subject, and verify whether the processing of data is done in accordance with this Act; 
​(e) promote self-regulation among controllers and processors; 
​(f) investigate any complaint or information which gives rise to a suspicion that an offence may have been, is being or is about to be, committed under this Act; 
​(g) take such measures as may be necessary to bring the provisions of this Act to the knowledge of the general public; 

(h) undertake research into, and monitor developments in, data processing, and ensure that there is no significant risk or adverse effect of any developments on the privacy of individuals; 

​(i) ​examine any proposalfor automated decision making or data linkage that may involve an interference  with, or may otherwise have an adverse effect, on the privacy of individuals and ensure that any adverse effect of the proposal on the privacy of individuals is minimised.

(j) cooperate with supervisory authorities of other countries, to the extent necessary for the performance of his duties under this Act, in particular by exchanging relevant information in accordance with any other enactment; and  

(k) do anything incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of and to the better performance of his duties and functions under, this Act.​​​