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​   The Data Protection Act

At a glance ​​

The Act contains provisions intended to enhance the protection of children's personal data. 

Where services are offered directly to a child, any controller must ensure that its privacy notice is written in a clear, plain way so that a child can understand. 


In Brief 

1.  What rights do I have as a child? 

* You have the same rights as adults over your personal data.​​
* You can exercise your own rights as long as you are competent to do so.
* Where are you not considered to be competent, an adult with parental responsibility such as your parents (Mother or father) may exercise your rights on your behalf.


2.  Can I as a child provide consent to my school/college or other organisations?                    

* If you are under 16 years old, you need to get consent from whoever holds parental responsibility for you else you may provide consent.
* Other Important Information​​
* Any website which collects information from you has to follow the Data Protection Act.

Among other they must:
* Keep your information safe​​
* Keep it accurate and up to date not collect irrelevant information on you
* Only keep it for as long as they need it
* Only send it to countries that can promise to protect it in the same way that they have to and not use it in a way you might not expect.