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                                                                 ​International News on Data Protection

Standard Contractual Clauses

1.     Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) are used to ensure there are appropriate data protection safeguards when data is transferred from the EU to third countries. The European Commission issued a modernised SCC under GDPR following the Schrems II judgment for data transfers from controllers or processors in the EU/EEA to controllers or processors established outside the EU/EEA. The link for the SCC is found below:

The Data Protection Office recommends the use of the new SCC for transfer of personal data from EU to Mauritius.

2.     Council of Europe Convention 108+ :

        Model Contractual Clauses for the Transfer of Personal Data​

European Data Governance Act

The European Data Governance Act is fully in line with EU values and principles and will bring significant benefits to EU citizens and companies. A key pillar of the European strategy for data, the Data Governance Act seeks to increase trust in data sharing, strengthen mechanisms to increase data availability and overcome technical obstacles to the reuse of data.

The Data Governance Act will also support the set-up and development of common European data spaces in strategic domains, involving both private and public players, in sectors such as health, environment, energy, agriculture, mobility, finance, manufacturing, public administration and skills.

The Data Governance entered into force on 23 June 2022 and, following a 15-month grace period, will be applicable from September 2023.

More information available on links below:

African Union (AU)

1. ​​AU Data Policy Framework​ (​endorsed by the AU Summit in February 2022)
2. AU​ Convention on Cyber Security and Personal Data Protection (​endorsed by the AU Summit in 2014)



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